2012-05-06, 11:22
Kan någon som vet förklara det här lite närmare?

v.The center takes no responsibility for addressing on your return envelopes. Please attach the registered return envelope (rekommenderad försändelse) with your name, accurate address, postal code, etc, and your passport, application form with one passport/ID photo in color with white background as well as other supporting documents when you send your application.

* Important Notice: Effective on Jan. 1st 2012, according to the regulation of Posten, the center canÂ’t send mails with stamps on the envelope. Therefore, you do not need to affix stamps on your return envelope. The postage for your return registered envelope (rekommenderad försändelse) as well as the visa fee and service fee will be informed to you in the email which will be sent by the center after your visa issued. All the stamps on your return envelope will be sent back with your passport. 'Red stamp' printed by stamp machine canÂ’t be accepted.


Ska man skicka med ett rekommenderat returkuvert eller bara ett vanligt?