2017-05-17, 06:38
Fråga google.Mer och mer på engelska (new york time osv).Om du kan polska då finns information på wykop.pl , facebook eller twitter med hashtag #magda zukowska #magdalena zukowska #lampart detektywi (World Association of Detectives)


Många som berättar sin historia från resor till Egypten.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Please note that today (16.05.2017) at 14:45 p.m. we made to the following authorities:

1. Prosecutors, ul. Rakowiecka 26/30, 02-528 Warsaw

2. The Central Bureau of investigation to the police, ul. Cadets 38, 00-463 Warsaw

A notice containing the complete report, report, materials and information, findings and notes that after verification by the authorities, in our opinion will help solve the mystery of death.

Via acquired as a result of our conduct information and material we have precise:

1. 72 individuals associated directly and or indirectly with participation in a criminal organisation and Magdalena's death

2. 32 companies linked to the crime business structures

3. People who participated in unclear circumstances Magdalena Death in one of the hospitals

4. Website with server location, with the order management girls, Inter Alia, in Poland

5. Graphical relationships, personal and business structures of allergens and links with the case of death and disappearance of 2 other women

We believe that our identify and establish state bodies help in addition to their knowledge, and subsequently lead to punish those responsible for this act.

We declare complete willingness to further help and cooperate with government agencies and we would like to thank all the anonymous sources and people reporting to us on this, because many of the findings without their help it would be impossible.

Leopard group sa office