2018-06-22, 11:25
Ursprungligen postat av Sherbert
Drick, men drick inte pa oppen plats.

Sant, så om TS dyker upp på flygplatsen salongis, kanske han kan får problem om han är muslim. Annars är det nog lugnt.
Allowances for non-Muslims
Additionally officially recognized non-Muslim minorities are allowed to produce alcoholic beverages for their own consumption and for religious rites such as the Eucharist (two of the four religious minorities guaranteed representation in the Majlis, the Armenians and Assyrians, are Christian, the former being chiefly Armenian Apostolic).

This practice is not respected in many cases, such as Afarin Neyssari and her husband, Karan Vafadari, have been arrested for having alcohol in their home though they are Zoroastrians, a monotheistic religion that predates Islam.[7]

Bringing alcohol into Iran is banned.