2019-04-15, 17:48
Ursprungligen postat av AlexxxZ
Jag kollade.

Hittade nedan undantag som jag inte visste om fanns (det fetade) så kanske där kryphålet kommer in att din polare står under en sådan kategori och att juristfirman har en väldigt bra kontakt hos immigration.

Det vore isåfall inte första gången.

""Thai work permit can be granted to expatriates who satisfy one or more of the following conditions

An establishment with a registered capital of at least 2 million Baht can hire one expatriate for every 2 million Baht limited to a maximum of 10 expatriates in total.

An establishment which has paid income tax to the Revenue Department in the past 3 years with not less than 5 million Baht can hire 1 expatriate for every 3 million Baht limited to a maximum of 3 expatriates in total.

An establishment which employs 50 Thai employees can hire 1 expatriate for every 50 Thai employees limited to a maximum of 5 expatriates in total.

An expatriate who has an income and duty to pay personal income tax equivalent or more than 18,000 Baht

Thai immigration authorities may consider work permit approval, renewal and modification of employment descriptions regardless of afore mentioned requirements if any of the following conditions are met.

An expatriate working for a representative office conducting quality control, procurement, or marketing research

An expatriate working for investment consulting, administrative consulting, technical and technology, or periodical internal audit

A tourism representative who brings in foreigners to travel in Thailand

Employed under a International Financial Institution approved by the Bank of England

Engaged on a temporary basis in the entertainment, religious, social welfare, cultural or sporting without the intention of making profit and paying income tax to the government

A contractor working on government or state enterprise projects

An individual who works using mostly local raw materials or is capable of reducing the usage of imported raw materials

Supports the export of Thai products

An individual working to bring in new technology

Provision of labour where there is a shortage of Thai labour