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Costa Rica

#1 2016-06-10, 18:52
Well , would like to add images in this forum, but I don't see the options! hahahahaha fu$%

So, I'm Costa Rican and came to give them a little descriptions

The official language is SPANISH

Is a Country in Central America, is unique, in this area the central america call "
Switzerland Central America"

So is a place where the weather is so hot in summer (summer in Costa Rica is from December until May)
yeah we have winter but is only raining,

I don't lie Costa Rica is expensive than Mexico or Argentine but is so diferent, beautiful beaches around the country, the food is so excellent the "gallo pinto" typical dish is a breakfast, well the people is very polite, 25% green areas and national parks, 100% renewable energy

but Costa Rica are diferent
in the center the capital SAN JOSE is big city, life the middle of population yeah in this country are ( 5 millions) it's a normal city, bored don't recommend, but there are a lot of foreign

I recommend the coast yeah beaches in GUANACASTE is the better in the country

well I don't know to say more,

let me know and english please
Because I don't understand SVENKA! thanks!

Here there are beautiful brunettes, come here get one! hahahahahaha xD
I invite to see in you tube videos about Costa Rica
Y'all will not regret.: P
#2 2016-06-10, 18:55
Did you use Google translation?
#3 2016-06-11, 01:58
Sorry for my mistakes, I learn english

Because my mother language is spanish and also I learn portuguese
#4 2016-06-17, 08:35
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